From around the late 1990’s to about 2005 I worked a lot with PHP, HTML, CSS and layout and graphics on personal project as well for friends and student organisations.

In this period I worked with:

  • PHP 3.x/4.x
  • HTML 3.x/4.x
  • CSS2

Below you’ll see some examples of my work from back then including links to the code if it still exists.


I did the first version of Frugtformidlingens webpage back in 2003.

Frugtformidlingens first webpage
Frugtformidlingens first webpage

Link to incomplete code: FrugtformidlingenIncomplete

This is my private domain primarily used for tinkering and learning.

My 3rd iteration of
My 3rd iteration of

Link to


While I was at KulSuhrNyt (Student paper at Suhr’s Seminarium) I did several versions of simple CMS’es. This was my last work with PHP until I started at the IT University of Copenhagen.

My last version for KulSuhrNyt
My last version for KulSuhrNyt

Link to code here: KulSuhrNytV3

IT University of Copenhagen

In one of my courses (Pervasive Computing) I created a small REST-sevice (with the help of Slim) from where you could upload and download images.

Link to code here: restservice