For the past 15+ years I have been using Linux or FreeBSD almost exclusively on my Desktops, Laptops and various hobby projects.

I have tried several different distributions, but those I’ve spend most of my time with was:

  • RedHat 5.1/5.2. First on Amiga and later on x86 in the late 1990’s. I learned a lot from this but also accumulated a lot of frustration.
  • Linux From Scratch was a way for me to address most of these frustrations and gain control. Also a great experience for a couple of month.
  • Slackware 3.x-7.x was quickly replacing Linux From Scratch – you still had all the control and the possibility to install binaries making life a little bit easier.
  • FreeBSD 3.x-4.x was in a lot of way like Slackware – you are in control but it is not Linux. It was more clean and well structured and the FreeBSD Handbook was a godsend from heaven.
  • (K)Ubuntu 6.x+. Life happened (wife and kids) and there wasn’t much time left for tinkering. So I started using Kubuntu – it has a lot of mind-share and hardware mostly work out of the box.
  • Linux Mint 16+.